Stinger Hook Options

Stinger hooks are truly miserable. I hate them on swimbaits, I hate them stuck in the net, my hand, the fish, and the bottom of the lake. I hate them bending and failing. I hate that fisherman have had it ground into their brains that they need them! I HATE STINGER HOOKS!
Since everyone seems so dead set on using them you might as well know how to do it right. Believe me, if you can rig a stinger hook the wrong way and find out by losing a big fish, I’ve done it. I’ve had knots fail, wires break, crimps pull loose, and even eyelets rip free from the bait. But I’ve also learned how to make the connections strong, how to keep fish hooked, and how to get them in the boat without any failures.
If you’re going to use stinger hooks this video will benefit you. I cover the four main stinger connection options that I believe are viable. They are, in no particular order, braid, wire and crimps, single strand wire, and heavy monofilament. After you’ve watched the video please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think.

Some of these options are very common but others are not. Which do you use and which do you like best?
And in case you missed it in the beginning, I don’t condone the use of stingers. I honestly believe they kill higher numbers of fish than a single hook rig does and in almost all circumstances they really aren’t necessary.