The Neko Rig

Because I am most passionate about catching trophy-class fish I often neglect important techniques for simply putting fish in the boat. At the prompting of a good friend I agreed to start covering some more finesse presentations and other options for putting a solid limit of fish in the boat. I’ll still be covering what I know about big bass but I want to open up the site a little and include the tournament anglers.
The Neko rig is not a brand new technique. If you live on the west coast you’ve probably seen it, used it, or lost to it unknowingly. However, techniques tend to take their time spreading across the country. For those of you unfamiliar with the technique, I present the Neko rig.

It is a great option for catching fish that have been heavily pressured, are lethargic, or when fishing in post-frontal conditions.
I am not a typical finesse fisherman and often don’t fish with as light a line as I should. Personally, I fish this rig on a Dobyns 702 Spinning (7 foot, 2 power) with 10 lb braided mainline and a 6 lb fluorocarbon leader. Don’t be afraid to drop as low as 4 lb line in open-water situations to maximize the number of bites you’ll get throughout the day.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts.