Swimbaits Part 5: Endurance

When watching this site or reading forum discussion its easy to fall into the trap that big fish are always easy to catch. Don’t get me wrong, there are periods where it is a cinch and anyone can do it, but there are also those “other” days.
The other days are the ones we don’t talk about, the ones where the camera never gets turned on, and the big-fish-logs don’t get updated. The reality is, they happen.
In the spirit of keeping this site real I thought I would share one of those days with you. By the time I filmed this I was worn out, beat down, and mentally exhausted but I refused to give up.

After filming this video I finally got a bite. It HAMMERED my swimbait but when it came close to the boat it wasn’t my target species. These days happen, that’s reality. If you let them get you down, you’ll never be successful. I picked myself back up, went to another lake two days later and had a great time catching fish.
The moral of the story is, don’t give up. If you want a BIG bite its going to take some dedication, but you can do it. Get out there and keep slinging those baits. Endure the tough days and you’ll be rewarded with giant bites.