13.4 lb largemouth start to finish

I thought long and hard before deciding to put this video on here. Our promise at Tactical Bassin is to be honest so you’re going to see the video unedited, with sound, just like it happened. Keep scrolling past the video and I’ll give you a blow by blow of what took place. Remember, its not always about the perfect cast, the perfect angle, or the perfect conditions. Sometimes everything lines up and a big fish just makes a mistake!

Like I said before, not every fish bites under the perfect conditions. Sometimes “having that feeling” isn’t necessary. This day was just another tough day on the water until this fish made a mistake.

I had come across this spot earlier in the day and had a large fish follow my bait to the boat. After running all over the lake without as much as a follow I decided to give her a second approach. I made “the perfect cast” and sure enough she followed up to the boat again, looked me square in the eyes, laughed, flipped me the fin, and headed back to her deep water haunt.
Now the video is rolling… I’ve just asked my friend to come stand next to me as the fish was still in sight sitting up against her favorite piece of cover and I wanted him to get a good look.
I make a half-hearted cast in order to draw the fish into the open and teach my friend about the way big bass move. If you listen closely you can hear me saying, “This isn’t how to approach a big fish. If she eats this its just because she’s unpressured.” As you can see, the bite doesn’t even register. I see her rush the bait but I’m so surprised by it that I don’t even set the hook at first! From then on its just a straight forward tug of war with a big bass all the way to the net.
I hope you guys enjoy the video! I could have edited out the background, or the swimbait, or me talking to my girlfriend on the phone with a big bass in my hands but let’s face it… fishing is about having fun and sharing the experience with others.

Equipment: Dobyns 807 Mag HSB coupled with a Shimano Calcutta 400B
Line: 80 lb Power Pro tied with a blood knot to 30 lb P-Line CXX
Bait: Huddleston Deluxe 8″ rigged with a single treble on the back