Allen Rated #1 in "California Top 40"

Every Fall California anglers wait anxiously for Kramer's "Top 40"; a list of the top 40 fisherman in the state based on their performance that year. Once its released the list is hotly debated amongst fishing circles. What began as Kramer's personal opinion has morphed over the years. The list has moved from one man's view to the most respected West coast angler ranking. As such, a position on the list is now highly sought after by many anglers.

This year I'd like to congratulate both Matt and Tim for their placement on the list! For the first time, Matt headed the list in the #1 position. Tim wasn't far behind in the #11 position. These two anglers worked feverishly this year to pursue their fishing passion while sharing videos and how-to's in an effort to inspire other anglers to do the same.

Matt's passion for fishing has changed over the years. He first gained notoriety as a trophy largemouth fisherman. Matt still pursues trophy largemouth every year (and catches quite a few) but in recent years has expanded in many other directions, aiding his placement on the list. He is beginning to excel as a multi-species angler, targeting trophy smallmouth, spotted bass, even reaching as far as trophy catfish on occasion. Additionally, he became a fishing guide a few years ago and now thrives on teaching other anglers how to catch giant bass.

Tim, as many now know, is a warden for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. His recent exploits captured national media attention during the Valley Fire. Between work and his young family, Tim's time is extremely limited but he still manages to get out on the water. When he does, he's a machine. From trophy largemouth to trophy spots (including the California State Record Spotted Bass back in January) this guy catches them! Since becoming a partner in Tactical Bassin he spends more time behind the camera than in front but don't let that fool you. When he steps out from behind the camera he is a force to be reckoned with!

38 other anglers made the list as well, all of whom have exceptional talent on the water. Congratulations to all the anglers that made Kramer's Top 40 this year! We look forward to seeing what 2016 holds. Good luck out there!