Are You Sure You're Using the "Right" Reel?

Do you use right or left-handed reels? Are you positive that you're using the correct reel? Have you ever considered flipping left-handed with a right-handed reel? Are we confusing you yet? 

Here's the arguement... most anglers that reel with their right hand have felt pressure to switch to left handed reels for flipping and pitching the last few years. Our question is, rather than switching reels, why don't you switch flipping hands? Watch the video and you might be amazed that a right-handed angler with a right-handed reel can still be in perfect position to set the hook on a bass as his lure enters the water. 

Since we're talking about reels we might as well put our 2 cents in on the actual "right" reel for the right job. Matt's list of favorite reels (In order of use)...

Curado 200: His go-to reel for most bass fishing applications. The reel is the perfect size to reach the drag control with your reel hand as shown in the video. 

Curado 70: Do you have a smaller hand or using finesse techniques? You need to try the 70, especially in the 8.2:1 gear ratio. You'll be glad you did! 

Calcutta 400B: This is the reel he does nearly all of his swimbait fishing with. Its a work horse! Matt says he's still using Calcuttas he bought more than a decade ago and they're still going strong. 

Bass fishing is always changing and trending. New reels are coming every year. They get lighter, faster, smoother, etc... but if you want work horses that last year after year its hard to beat  the Curado and Calcutta. We hope this video changes the way you think about flipping and pitching. You may not make the change but at least you'll have considered your options. Thanks for watching!