Are You Using the Best Jighead?

Darter, Football, Shakey, ball head... it almost sounds like bass fishing has its own language. With all of the options on the market, which jig head styles should you be using? Tim explains the difference between the four most common head styles and what each one should be used for. 

Just because you've been told to use a head for a particular application doesn't mean that's its only, or even its "best" application. We hope these insights into each head style help you increase your finesse fishing game this Fall!

Different head styles:

Screwlock Style Shakey Head
Traditional Style Shakey Head

Gamakatsu Ball Head

Football Head W/ Weedguard
Football Head Plain Style

Darthead Painted
Darthead Unpainted

All of these heads are meant to be combined with a plastic trailer to create the desired effect. We recommend starting with one of the following baits if you do not currently have a favorite...

-Yamamoto Hula Grub
-Roboworm 6" Fat Worm
-Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver