Giant Bass Crushing Swimbaits

What is it about the "tick" of a swimbait bite that keeps us coming back for more? There are a lot of other more productive things we could be doing but we find ourselves day after day, week after week, year after year, chasing big green fish around oversized ponds. Why? I don't know what it is for you but for me its got to be the hookset and the impact. In that moment I don't know if its a 2 lb bass or a 15 lb bass, it could even be an over-zealous catfish. But for that second, as I swing that rod up and to the right with all the force I can muster, I pray as fast as I can that when that rod loads up the fish will absorb the impact and pull back with equal force. That for me, is what its all about. Catching the fish, the photos, the videos, is all great but the thrill of the hookset is where all the adrenaline peaks.

There is nothing like slamming a hookset into a fish and feeling like you just hooked a brick wall. A fish so strong that you have to stop and look at the rod tip to make sure its not a snag. Then and only then does she start to shake her head and slowly make her way to deep water. For those that haven't experienced it, your turn is coming. For those that have, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

This video is dedicated to that moment of impact. These fish did exactly what I'm talking about. They bit hard and they battled harder. I hope you enjoy watching a bunch of big fish choking down swimbaits because that's what you're about to see. The main bait used to catch these fish was the 8" huddleston Deluxe. As always, the reel was spooled with braid and a 30 lb mono leader. The Rod was a Dobyns 807 Mag. These may seem like huge components to the average angler but look at how hard the fish are flexing the rod, its all about having the right tools for the job.