Cold Muddy Water: 5 Baits That Still Work!

Muddy Water Bass Fishing can be a real challenge! Many of our lakes are full or flooding but Bass still need to eat. Fish these 5 baits with confidence and you'll begin catching fish again!

Bass will be in all stages as the water rises but focus on the bass that are moving up in the shallow water and flooded cover for your best chance at success. These fish will be actively feeding in cover and incoming water throughout the lake. Using our 2-pronged approach of agressive fast moving baits followed by a methodical approach to maximize your time on the water. 

Baits Shown In This Video...

1/2 oz Chatterbait:
1/2 oz Bling Spinnerbait:
Keitech Swimbait (Size 4.3) as a Trailer:
1/2 Oz. Pitchin' Jig (Black/blue or Black/Blue/Purple):
Sweat Beaver Jig Trailer (Black/Blue):
Jig Rattles:
1/2 Oz. Tungsten Weight:
Rattle Bead:
5/0 EWG Superline Hook:
Zoom Brush Hog (Black/Blue or Junebug):
California Swim Jig:

Fishing muddy water is second nature to many anglers but if you're a Western fisherman these recent storms have completely changed the way you fish. Don't be afraid of the rising muddy water as our lakes hit flood stage. The bass are adapting to their new home and will continue to feed.