Come Along For A Day On The Delta

Matt heads down to the California Delta for a day of bass fishing with his good friend Matt Leverich. The two plan to throw a 6" and 7" senko in search of big largemouth. Adaptation will prove to be key on this trip as the two find fish willing to eat a buzzbait, whopper plopper, and hollow body frogs. Its hard to beat topwater blowups! 

They start the morning unsure what to expect but hoping to find a few quick bites on a buzzbait and whopper plopper. From the very first cast its obvious that catching fish won't be a problem. The toughest part of the whole day is setting down the topwater in an effort to stick to the senko plan. 

As the tide rises the pair see more an more success on the 6" senko and Fat Ace. After several hours and dozens of fish on a senko they decide its time to adapt and search for bigger bites. Near the top of the tide the big fish finally move shallow and begin feeding heavily on the surface. Matt quickly connects with a big bass on a frog... and for the rest, you'll have to watch the next video.