Everything You Need to Know About Swim Jigs!

Bass fishing with Swim jigs has increased in popularity the last few years. This video is full of tips and tricks to make you more effective at fishing a swim jig. Matt breaks down everything you need to know from jighead design, jig colors, jig trailers, swimbaits, etc. 

Most bass fishermen fish a swim jig around shallow grass and cover but there are a lot of other great options. Don't be afraid to bottom crawl the bait in the rocks like a big trout swimbait. Its also an awesome option for night fishing in Summer and Fall!
The swim jig can be thrown as a replacement for a spinnerbait, chatterbait, underspin, or squarebill crankbait. You get all the action and fish attracting features of the above baits but with the realism and secondary action that only a swim jig can provide. 

Finesse swim jigs are great for spotted bass, smallmouth bass, or for largemouth in reservoirs. The standard swim jig is an awesome all around option with a pointed head for coming through grass, tullies, reeds, and wood. 

The California Swim Jig is designed for giant bass. Whether you're in California, Texas, or Florida, if you're targeting big bass this is the swim jig for you! Its designed with the heaviest hook on the market so that no freshwater fish can bend it. 

We hope this video helps you understand the difference between different styles of jigs and when to use each one. There isn't a perfect jig for every situation so stock up on a few different models and you'll be prepared when the swim jig bite turns on.

Products explained in this video:

Jig Styles...

-Finesse Swim Jig
-Skirted Swim Jig
-California Swim Jig
-No Jack Swim Jig

Trailer Options for Baitfish Imitators...

Keitech Fat Swing Impact Swimbait*
Roboworm EZ Shad
RI Little Dipper
Netbait Spanky Swimbait

*Keitech Fat should be throw in 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 sizes

Trailer Options for Crawdad Imitators...

Strike King Rage Bug
Netbait Paca Chunk

Jig Color Recommendations...

Shad Imitators: Crappie, Tactical Shad
Bluegill Imitators: Alabama Bream, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed Bream
Baitfish Imitators: Light Hitch, Pearl Ghost Shiner, Golden Shiner

Swim Jig Rods...

Finesse Swim Jig Setup:
-Rod- Zodias 7'2" Medium
-Reel- Curado 70
-Line- Maxcuatro 30 lb
-Leader- 12-15 lb Maxima

Standard Swimjig Setup:
-Rod- Champ Extreme 7'8" 4 power
-Reel- Curado 200
-Line- MaxCuatro 50 lb
-Leader-15-20 lb Maxima

California Swim Jig Setup:
-Rod- Zodias 7'5" Heavy
-Reel- Curado 200
-Line- MaxCuatro 65 lb braid
-Leader- 20-25 lb Maxima