Giant Lizards for Big Summer Bass

This week Adam Hinkle joins us to talk about his unique approach to catching giant summer bass on big lizards. When I first heard Adam talk about his approach to big bass on pressured Southern California lakes I knew this wasn't a topic I could cover myself. The TacticalBassin community deserved to hear it straight from the angler that was putting it to work.

For those that aren't familiar with Adam,  he is an accomplished tournament angler  as well as a phenomenal trophy bass fisherman with multiple giant bass (including a massive 16+ lber), and he's done it all on some of the most pressured fisheries in the world.

Many anglers turn to the Carolina rigged lizard when their back is against the wall and they need a bite. On highly pressured fisheries most anglers will downsize when the going gets tough. Despite difficult fishing conditions, Adam upsizes and the results are amazing! He's taken time to share one of his summer time secrets with you,  do yourself a favor and give the big lizard a try on your home waters, it might just surprise you!