How To Catch Bigger Schooling Fish

Matt explains how schooling bass move and react. How the largest bass stay deep and play off the feeding mentality of the smaller fish to eat with minimal effort. He also explains how adapting your bait selection can help you to catch the largest fish in the school. 

The next time you're on a topwater bite and the bass are really blowing up well, consider changing your offering and going deeper to get the bigger bites. Often times the truly giant bass will hang below bass that are feeding on the surface in our to take advantage of their efforts and eat the scraps with minimal effort. 

Baits Discussed In The Video...

Rover Topwater:
Whopper Plopper:
Jackall Dowzvido Jerkbait:
Blade Runner Underspin:
Keitech Fat Swimbait:
5" Senko:
Zoom Super Fluke: