How to Choose the Right Buzzbait

With summer in full swing we're continuing the topwater theme. This week's topic is buzzbaits. While many anglers use buzzbaits, few have the confidence to know without a doubt they're throwing the best color, style, etc... for the given conditions. Weight, metal blades, plastic blades, clackers, dual blades, and length all play in to what makes a buzzbait work. Every brand seems to have some variation that they believe works better than all the others.

Instead of telling you which one you should buy we threw a variety of buzzbaits and ran them in front of the camera. We've brought the results to you so the next time you decide to pick up a buzzbait you'll know exactly what its going to look and sound like before it hits the water.

Of course, I have my favorites and I give those tips away as well but the goal of this video is to leave you confident, knowing that when you make a purchase, you're getting the right baits for where you're fishing.

Now you know what my favorite buzzbaits are, what are some of yours? Have you found that one style is more productive than the others?