How to: Make Swimbaits Last Longer

As swimbaits get more and more expensive the need for them to last is ever increasing. There are some simple modifications you can do to any softbait that will make it last much longer. This week Matt shows how to cut open a soft swimbait and properly secure the harness to make it last. He also covers how to repair the baits once they're damaged.

The two baits shown in the video are the Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill and Huddleston Deluxe 8" trout. All you need to increase the life of your baits is a razor blade, superglue and Mend-it.

Step 1: Cut Open your brand new bait with a razor Blade. (I know its scary)

Step 2: Once the harness is fully exposed, carefully cover the harness in superglue and carefully lay the body back in place.

Step 3: Use Mend-It to seal the razor cut in the bait.