Jig Fishing: Rattle Vs. No Rattle

Coast to coast anglers agree that jigs catch giant bass. Whether you're dragging ledges, pitching docks, or flipping vegetation, its tough to find a more consistent presentation to produce big bites. One aspect of jig fishing that anglers can't seem to agree on is the use of rattles.

Some guys swear that rattles help them catch more fish. Other guys insist that the natural presentation without rattles is the key to getting the big bites. This Week Tim breaks down the benefits of both methods and explains when you should and shouldn't use a jig rattle.

Most jigs come with a way to attach rattles but some do not. If you happen to use a style that does not, check out these simple rattle holders.

We hope these quick tips help you this Spring as you break out the jig rod in pursuit of a kicker!