Beat the Heat: Catch a Shark

Earlier in the summer I showed a quick clip of some trout fishing high in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It may be fall now but don’t kid yourself, you haven’t beat the heat yet. Here is another tip for getting away from those 100+ degree days: Head for the coast!


Saltwater fishing is something I have avoided since childhood. My mentality was that if I enjoyed it I would have to buy all new equipment. While there turned out to be some truth to that, its well worth the expense. If you’re tired of the summer heat take a drive to the bay, or the coast and start catching whatever will bite.  The beauty of saltwater is that you may end up catching sharks, perch, halibut, eels, even stripers. There is no telling what will swim by. My good friend Nate caught the shark in the following photo and video. Enjoy!

This type of fishing is so simple! Its nothing but throwing cut bait like you would for catfish. We’re using freshwater swimbait rods and reels. The gear you see nate using is a Dobyns 807 swimbait rod coupled with a Calcutta 300 TE. That equipment is definitely more than adequate for the size fish you will be catching. Have fun and let us know what you catch!