Matt Loses A 15 lb Bass At The Net! | Painful Fish Story

Matt had the 15 lber right up to the edge of the net! When she came off his swimbait flew by his head like a bullet! Worse yet, she didn't even know she was free and just kept thrashing! It was horrible!

Matt was throwing an 8" Huddleston Deluxe Swimbait in a large pond from an aluminum boat when the monster bass bit. He was using gear that wasn't strong enough and it was all he could do to battle the giant bass! Losing that fish has replayed in Matt's mind hundreds if not thousands of times and even now remains as a constant reminder to keep his gear dialed in and stay focused at all times. 

Huddleston 8" Swimbait:
Huddleston 10" Swimbait:

Gear Matt Should Have Used...
Rod-  Loomis Heavy:
Reel- Tranx 300:
Line- 80 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- 30 lb Maxima Ultragreen: