New Years Goals... What Are Yours?

Happy New Year!!! Its that time of year again, time to set goals so you can be a better bass fisherman in 2017. So what do you want? A teener largemouth? Your first smallmouth? Learn how to fish a jig? Whatever it is, we want to hear all about it! 

Our goals are lofty this year because we want to keep growing and developing as anglers. They're so lofty that "ridiculous" might be a better description but we're going to keep pushing the limits of the sport and see what happens!

Below are our goals...

-12 lb Spotted Bass
-15+ lb Largemouth Bass from Clear Lake
-7+ lb Smallmouth Bass
-Help at least one client catch a personal best 10+ lb Largmeouth Bass

-12 lb Spotted Bass
-Catch another 13+ lb Largemouth
-Have another angler break a fishing record while fishing together
-Help at least 3 friends catch a new personal best

It doesn't matter what your goals are, we encourage you to join the discussion here in the comments or by joining us on the TacticalBassin Facebook page.  Big or small, the public accountability of goal sharing instantly increases your likelihood of success! Happy New Year and good luck in 2017!