Night Fishing 101: Jigs

This video is what the entire “Night Fishing 101″ series has been building toward.
For well over a month, I’ve been mulling over what should be covered and how much detail to include. In the end I decided to give you everything. With that in mind there is no way to cover “everything jigs” in a short clip so you’re about to see 18 minutes on how I believe a jig should be fished in the dark.

I’m going to be covering:
-What jig styles to use
-When to fish each jig
-Matching trailers to jigs
-Different retrieves

You’ll probably have to watch this video more than once to glean all the details. Read between the lines and you’ll probably find a few bonus tips as well.
Right away you are going to notice some wind interference with the sound. I apologize for this, but this video was shot as one cut in order to keep the information genuine. If I were to remove the wind segments I would also remove a few extra secrets I hadn’t planned to include. Continue to listen and almost immediately the sound quality will improve.
To me, this video is what TacticalBassin is all about. I want you to hear what I believe to be truth. It is uncut, unrefined and unfiltered. You may not agree with my sentiments and that is perfectly alright. Regardless, I don’t anticipate anyone watching the entire video and walking away without new insights.

Regarding the gear mentioned in the video, you cannot find it all in one place. Tackle warehouse is going to be the best source but even they don’t carry all of the products mentioned. You may find other products that work great for you, these are what you will find on the end of my rods.
Here are the links to the various sources I use for my products:
California Swim Jig
Dirty Jigs Pitchin’ Jig
No-Jack Flippin’ Jig (available soon at tacklewarehouse)
Roboworm EZ Shad
Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver
Uncle Josh Phantom Craw
Uncle Josh Maxx Pork Phantom Finesse Craw