Night Fishing 101: Slow Moving Baits

Its been 6 weeks since we started this series on night fishing. If you’ve been following the series you now have a grasp on moon phase, topwater, and subsurface reaction baits. Now we’re going to jump into fishing slow-moving baits on the bottom. Watching this video crosses you over the threshold and past the half-way point in the series. The last two will be swimbaits, followed by jigs.
Typically the lag time between videos comes when I know a video will take a great deal of thought and I begin to procrastinate. The video on fishing jigs at night is one of those videos. I knew it was going to take a great deal of time and thought but for once I filmed it ahead of schedule instead of lagging behind. Believe it or not, its already filmed, uploaded, and awaiting its turn. Alright, let’s get back on track.

Slow moving baits, while not glamorous, have a place in every night fisherman’s arsenal. Some nights the fish don’t want to chase after a bait, other nights they don’t want to move, even for a slow moving bait. When you encounter these conditions very few baits on the market can top this top 5 list. The 5 baits being discussed in this video are the creature bait, straight tail worm, curly tail worm, stick bait, and ring worm. Of course its a night video so they’re all plus-size baits in dark colors but you get the point.

If you learn to properly apply these 5 baits you will absolutely catch more and bigger fish at night. I can’t count the number of nights a big senko worked slowly, or a 10″ power worm slightered through the rocks has saved an otherwise tough night.
Most of the baits mentioned are available at your local retailer but some may not be. If that is the case, here is a link to the 7″ senko at tacklewarehouse. You can also find the Spear Worm, Brush Hog, Hag’s Tornado, and Pivot Point Football.