Sight Fishing Slugfest with Bonus Tips on Fishing The Spawn

Come along with Matt for an awesome day of bedfishing on Lake Berryessa. He catches a ton of nice fish on a variety of baits and explains why and how along the way. 

Fishing during the spawn can be amazing! Not only do you get to fish for giant bass but you get to catch them on finesse techniques as well as big baits. Its a chance to really match your skills and your equipment against some of the biggest bass you'll catch all year. 

Baits Shown In Order Of Appearance...

Dry Creek Tube Bait:
Tube Head:
Keitech 2.8" Swimbait:
Revenge Darthead:
Basstrix Bluegill:

Rods/Reels Used...

GLX 853 Casting:
Chronarch MGL:

Expride 7' Medium Spinning:
Stradic CI4+:

NRX 852 Casting:
Aldebaran 50: