Simplify Your Jigs and Save Money

In the past we've talked about fine-tuning your jig fishing to catch bigger fish. We discussed using accent colors and different skirts because fine detail matters, especially with wary bass. Today, we want to turn the tables and talk to you about simplification.

Both methods have merit. While its true that extreme attention to detail is sometimes needed to fool the GIANT bass, not all anglers are interested in spending every last dollar on fine-tuned equipment. The weekend warrior, even most pros, doesn't have the time (or money) to purchase dozens of jig colors to adapt to every changing situation. That's why I want to talk to you about simplification because its okay too. Both methods can work.

Let's break jig colors into 4 basic categories. Those categories are black, brown, green pumpkin, and watermelon. By choosing a basic jig in each of these categories you can cover virtually every situation the water can present. In the event that fine detail is needed, you can add it by changing the color of your trailer instead of completely changing the jig itself. This is an inexpensive alternative to owning 100 different jig styles and colors. To get you started, we'll  recommend a few colors.

Black Base: "Black/Blue" (This particular black blue is a fairly complex color and can be accented very well)

Brown Base: "Supermat Brown" (This is Matt's favorite color day in and day out. Its a brown base with purple and green pumpkin accents)

Green Pumpkin Base: "Go To" (Go To is a simple green pumpkin/brown jig that works well with any trailer color)

Watermelon Base: "Watermelon Red" (This jig is a basic color that accents well with every trailer you own)

Not every base color will work in every situation but one of them will. Once you have your base color, experiment with trailers like the Sweet Beaver, Double Tail Grub, or speed craw to fine-tune what the fish are looking for. We hope this helps you keep things simple and use trailers you already own instead of spending countless dollars trying to own a jig for every situation. Good luck out there!