Understanding Sink Rates

Why does everything have to be so complicated? If it gets any worse our fishing lures are going to need manuals to explain how to properly use them. One of the topics that confuses a lot of anglers is sink rates. In this instance, the sink rate of various swimbaits and how that effects their use.
Just a few short years ago swimbaits came in two forms, floating and sinking. As the market grew so did the demand for more options. Now you have fast sink, slow sink, suspending, and the most difficult to understand of all, ROF rated baits. ROF’s or “Rates of Fall” is a great system once you get the hang of how it works. Its not complicated, but a quick briefing will make your decision making quite a bit easier.
This video will shed some insights not only into what different sink rates are, but more importantly, how to apply them to different conditions. While many of you know exactly what sink rates you like and what you use them for, not everyone does.

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