Summer Bank Fishing Tips

So much of today's bass fishing is about flashy boats and fast driving that its easy to forget where we all came from. Most of us started out walking the shoreline and slowly graduated to rafts, float tubes, or tin boats before buying our first beat up bass boat. Its a progression that takes years.

This week's video is dedicated to the masses of anglers that are either starting the progression or that fish small waters and have no desire to own a bass boat. Tim breaks down how he approaches a lake from shore during the summer. The day doesn't go exactly according to plan but that's the reality of bank fishing. I think there is a lot that can be gleaned from watching his day unfold.

Tim's top 5 baits for Summer Bass Fishing from the Bank are as follows:

1) Topwater Frog: Tim uses the frog to catch bass in heavy cover. The particular bait in this video is the Bully Wa 2.

2) Buzzbait: Tim uses the buzzbait to quickly cover water. There are a lot of great baits out there but the particular bait in the video is a D&M Slow Roller. When the grass gets thin he switches to a Whopper Plopper.

3) Texas Rigged Worm: The big worm gives a great slow presentation that will catch bass of all sizes. Tim recommends the Zoom Ol' Monster or the Hag's Tornado with a 3/8 oz tungsten weight.

4) Texas Rigged Senko: The Senko needs no explanation. It falls slowly and bass love it! You can fish it virtually anywhere and it catches bass of all sizes.

5) Pitchin' Jig: Tim uses the 3/4 oz Pitchin' jig by Dirty Jigs to catch the biggest bass in the pond. It works best on a hard bottom but can also be flipped into this cover for big bites.