Chatterbait Techniques

Several weeks ago I received a request for information on fishing chatterbaits. As I thought about how to approach the subject I decided it would be best to bring in an expert to shed some light on the technique. Mike Rold has been dominating local circuits for years, is my strongest mentor on tidal fisheries, and is extremely skilled at plying chatterbaits to a variety of situations. At first I thought an “on the water” video was the way to go but as I thought about this subject it occurred to me that Mike would be more apt to “tell it like it is” if he didn’t know this video was coming and had to instruct with little to no notice. He was given about 10 minutes to prepare when I called to inform him that I was just down the road. The result is this AWESOME, tell-all video on how, when, and where to fish chatterbaits in a variety of environments.

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