How To Catch More Fish On The Neko Rig

The Neko rig is a deadly finesse bait for lethargic bass. Its one of those lures that just seems to catch a bigger-than-average bass. If you're faced with tough weather conditions or bass that just don't seem to want to bite, pick up a Neko Rig and give it a try.

The Neko is a new spin on an old favorite. Neko rigging can be applied to virtually any soft plastic but it shines with straight tail and cut tail worms. It combines the best of both worlds with an exposed hook but still remains incredibly weedless.

Below is a breakdown of Tim's favorite baits, gear, and rigging components for this method. The key to a great hookup ratio with the Neko rig is in the details. Pay close attention to how Tim rigs the baits in order to maximize your time on the water.


G7 Worm Pliers -

G7 Worm Protect Tubes -

O- Wacky Tool -

The O-Wacky Tool O-Rings 25pk -


Swagger Tackle Tungsten Pagoda Nail Weights -

Lunker City Wacky Weight 10pk -


Owner Mosquito "Light" Hooks -

Mustad TitanX Wacky/Neko Rig Hook -


Yamamoto Kut Tail Worm -

Yamamoto 5" Senko -

Daiwa Yamamoto Neko Fat 5" -

Daiwa Yamamoto Neko Straight -

Zoom Trick Worm -

Zoom Swamp Crawler -

Strike King Fat Baby Finesse -

Tim's Neko Setup...

Rod- G Loomis NRX 852S JWR:

Reel- Shimano Exsence 3000:

Line- 12 lb Sunline Xplasma Asegai Braid:

Leader- 6 lb Sniper Fluorocarbon:

Budget Friendly Combo...

Rod- Shimano Zodias 7' M -

Reel- Nasci 2500 -

Line- 15 lb Power Pro:

Leader- 8 lb Maxima Ultragreen:


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