Paddle Tails Swimbaits for Big Fall Bites!

Its that time of year again! Its time to pull out the paddletails and hollow bellies in search of big bass! The bite is just beginning and will continue to improve over the coming months. 

Whether you prefer a Basstrix or a Keitech, a swimbait head or an underspin, its prime time to pull out your confidence bait and begin loading the boat! 

In this video Matt and Tim show how to rig swimbaits and paddle tails a variety of different ways. They even show how to make your own underspin with a swimbait head or weedless swimbait hook! 

If you're planning to creep the bait through heavy cover we recommend using the Beast Hook. If you're fishing around docks, wood, or other isolated cover the Matt Allen Swimbait Head is the way to go! If there are large schools of baitfish present you should either use the Spintrix Head or the Matt Allen head with the added belly blade.  

Hook options and baits shown in this video are as follows... 

-Matt Allen Swimbait Head
-Owner Beast Hook
-BladeRunner Spintrix Underspin
-Small Spinner Blades

-Keitech Fat Swing Impact

-Basstrix Hollow Belly Swimbait

We hope you find these tips useful this Fall as the bass begin corralling the baitfish and feeding heavily before Winter arrives.