The REAL Way To Fish The Bull Shad Swimbait! ( Ft. Mike Bucca )

We caught up with Mike Bucca, Owner of Bull Shad Swimbaits on Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee to get a look out how he fishes his own swimbait. Mike doesn't buy into the "slower is better" swimbait mentality so get ready to have your eyes opened!

We talk a lot about "triggering" bass into biting and that is exactly what Mike is designing his baits to do. Whether you throw the Bull Shad or not this a swimbait retrieve that you should learn how to apply to your fishing. 

Mike's Baits...
Bull Shad Slow Sink:
Bull Shad Fast Sink:
Bull Herring:
Bull Gill:
Bull Rat:
Bull Shad Wakebait:

Mike's Rod/Reel choices for throwing his baits...
6"-8" Bait Rod- Dobyns 795:
9" Bait Rod- Dobyns 867:
11" Bait Rod- Dobyns 908:

Mike fishes his baits on the Curado 300. This reel has since been replaced by the Tranx.

Shimano Tranx 300 Swimbait Reel:

Mike's line of choice is mono. He uses 25 lb Trick Fish.

Trick Fish Camo Line-

We prefer to use 80 lb braided line to 20-30 lb leader.

80 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro-

20-30 lb Maxima Ultragreen-

We store our Bullshads in these containers...
Plano 3700 Deep:
Eye Surrender Bait Wrap:

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Small Swimbait Storage Made Easy

What started off as a joke between friends on facebook turned into Mike Bucca (Owner of the famous Bull Shad Swimbaits) filming an awesome video on swimbait storage. Its such good information we had to share it to the whole Tactical Bassin community!

I will be the first to admit I didn't even know this box existed. It turns out Plano made a box called a FlipSider 3744. Its not available at all the major retailers but a quick google search will turn them up. If you fish slim swimbaits like the bull shad, bull herring s-wavers, or other glides, this is the storage solution you've been waiting for!

Bucca shows how you can store an incredible number of swimbaits in this single box. The baits drop into individual trays, keeping them organized and protected. It also keeps the tails straight and hooks untangled. If you have a collection of swimbaits, do yourself a favor and check out this box!

Isn't it amazing how the little things make all the difference in bass fishing? Tim and I want to thank Mike Bucca for this awesome video and his long standing support of Tactical Bassin! If you guys aren't familiar with his products visit