The REAL Way To Fish The Bull Shad Swimbait! ( Ft. Mike Bucca )

We caught up with Mike Bucca, Owner of Bull Shad Swimbaits on Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee to get a look out how he fishes his own swimbait. Mike doesn't buy into the "slower is better" swimbait mentality so get ready to have your eyes opened!

We talk a lot about "triggering" bass into biting and that is exactly what Mike is designing his baits to do. Whether you throw the Bull Shad or not this a swimbait retrieve that you should learn how to apply to your fishing. 

Mike's Baits...
Bull Shad Slow Sink:
Bull Shad Fast Sink:
Bull Herring:
Bull Gill:
Bull Rat:
Bull Shad Wakebait:

Mike's Rod/Reel choices for throwing his baits...
6"-8" Bait Rod- Dobyns 795:
9" Bait Rod- Dobyns 867:
11" Bait Rod- Dobyns 908:

Mike fishes his baits on the Curado 300. This reel has since been replaced by the Tranx.

Shimano Tranx 300 Swimbait Reel:

Mike's line of choice is mono. He uses 25 lb Trick Fish.

Trick Fish Camo Line-

We prefer to use 80 lb braided line to 20-30 lb leader.

80 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro-

20-30 lb Maxima Ultragreen-

We store our Bullshads in these containers...
Plano 3700 Deep:
Eye Surrender Bait Wrap:

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