The Best Trick To Save Deep Caught Bass

Ever have a bass go belly up in the livewell because of the bends? Had to use a needle to fizz them or use fin clips to keep them upright before tournament weigh-in? Here is a quick bass fishing tip that will make all the difference with those bloated bass! 

Its simple, its cheap, and it keeps us from inadvertently injuring the bass we care so much about. There is nothing wrong with relieving the pressure inside a bass' air bladder with a needle. The problem is most bass fishermen don't know how to do it properly and end up stabbing holes in the wrong places, causing irreparable damage. By using a lead strip weight you can return the bass to a comfortable depth, wait for equalization to begin, then gently shake them free. 

The Gear...

Marker Buoy (Square):
Marker Buoy (Round):

Fizzing Needle:
Fin Clips:

Spooning Equipment...

Blade Runner Spoon (Morning Dawn):
Hook Upgrade- Owner 3x Size 2:

Rod- Dobyns Fury 704C:
Reel- Curado 70 (7:1 ratio):
Line- 20 lb Sunline Assassin Fluorocarbon:

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