Sonar Basics: How to Find Fish

Ever wonder what Fish look like on your fish finder? In this video Tim explains what to look for and breaks down the basics of today's Sonar units. Understanding your sonar unit, the transducer, and "Cone Angle" is very important to painting a complete picture below the surface. 


Today, most sonar unit's default frequency setting is 200kHz (Purple Beam). At this frequency, the bottom area that the sonar cone is covering is approximately 1/3 or 33% of your overall depth. An easy number to remember is at 30 feet deep, your sonar cone is scanning 10 feet wide. Another example - at 15 feet your sonar is scanning a 5 feet cone. In a later video we will explain how to change and adjust these frequencies. 

Here is the gear Tim is using...

Unit- Humminbird Solix 12:
Mapping- Lakemaster Chip:
Glass Cleaner- Peregrine:
Precision GPS Antenna:

Budget-Friendly options...
Humminbird Helix 5:

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Humminbird Solix 15 Review | The Bass Can't Hide Anymore!

We've used depth finders, fish finders, electronics... whatever you want to call them... for years and we've never seen anything like the Solix 15! The clarity, detail, and power of this unit is unrivaled by any other unit we've experienced! 

We'll dedicate an entire series to operating, fine-tuning, and interpretting electronics in the near future. Instead, with this video we wanted to give you an overall impression of the unit and a brief explanation of how we formed our opinion. 

Matt explained in the video that he was blown away by the ease of importing waypoints despite transferring between brands. Additionally, the mapping and MEGA Imaging have taken this unit to a whole new level! Do yourself a favor if you're in the market for new electronics and consider the Solix. 

Humminbird Solix 15:

Here are a few other Humminbird Electronics worth checking out at different price points. When selecting an exact model consider the following factors... 
1) Do you need side imaging? 
2) Do you need down imaging? 
3) Do you Need GPS? 
4) Is this unit going to be used for knowing depth more than finding fish? 

With this information you can easily choose the right unit at a price point that makes sense. 

Helix 12 CHIRP:
Helix 7:
Helix 5:

Other gear you may need to take full advantage of your new unit...
Lakemaster AutoChart:
Ethernet Switch (For Linking Units):
Ethernet Cables (one per unit):

Mounting these large units can be a bit tricky. These are the two mounting styles we used on our boats: 
Over-Trolling Motor Mount:
BalzOut Electronics Mount:

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