Spring Kayak Fishing - Best Gear For 2019

Spring has arrived and its time to get the kayaks back out on the water. We need the TacticalBassin Family's help! We're beginners when it comes to kayaks. We've picked out a handful of key items like tackle organizers, rods, and depth finders (linked below) but most of the gear is foreign to us.

What are your favorite kayak accessories and gear choices? Which cart, battery setup, anchor, crate, etc did you find worked the best for you? We're using Old Town Kayak PDL's this year (Predator and Topwater) and are totally open to your suggestions.

Don't worry, we aren't giving up the bass boats. We love our boats but we also enjoy the slower, relaxed pace that kayaks offer to anglers. We're going to mix it up this year and are looking forward to bringing you guys along! Below is a list of the gear we're currently using.


Old Town Predator PDL

Old Town Topwater PDL

Depth Finder- Humminbird Helix 7 Gen 3 SI (MSI GPS G3N): http://bit.ly/2SoFl8a

Tackle Storage- Plano V-Crate: http://bit.ly/2BLjK4f

Rods For Kayak Fishing...

-Zodias Castings Rods: http://bit.ly/2cgmMAe (6'10" Medium, med heavy, 7'2" Medium, med Heavy)

-Curado Split Grp Casting Rods: http://bit.ly/2E9gktQ (6'8" Medium Heavy, 7' Medium)

-Curado Full Grip Casting Rods: http://bit.ly/2gUWTft (6'10" Medium, med heavy, Heavy , 7'2" Heavy)

-Dobyns Fury Casting: http://bit.ly/2bGvlVV (6'6" Med Heavy, 7' Med Heavy, 7' Heavy)


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Catching Bass From Kayaks on Clearlake

Bass fishing from the kayak is awesome! Clearlake's closure gave us the perfect opportunity to get out, paddle around, and catch some bass. Come along for the ride!

Fishing from the bass boat is a blast but there is something special about being out on a small boat without a motor. The roar of an outboard engine takes away from the overall fishing experience. Kayaking can be as exciting or relaxing as you want it to be without the harsh sounds and movement of the larger boats. 

If you're on the fence about giving it a try, you absolutely need to! Not only is it peaceful, it gives you access to areas you could never reach by boat. The backsides of cover, ponds, streams, etc... all become viable options when you're in the smaller boat. Don't wait, head to the lake and try out a kayak. You might just catch a giant!

Gear used in the video...

A-rig: http://bit.ly/2bgDGNu
Swimbait Heads: http://bit.ly/29RrTYN
Swimbaits: http://bit.ly/2ab7s8v
Dry Creek Tube: http://bit.ly/2cJwI6r
Tube Head: http://bit.ly/2diyVXK