Summer Bass Fishing - 10 Bait Challenge!! Popper, Spinnerbait, Crankbait, Swimbait...

Matt tied on 10 different baits from swimbaits to crankbaits to a Ned Rig and he's going to see how many bass he can catch (and a few bonus species too!) We're in South Dakota on Lake Oahe for the first time ever. The plan was to do a "lake breakdown" but we quickly realized the bite was excellent and our time would be better spent having fun doing a challenge! We've only got a few hours before we need to get on the road to Wyoming but Matt is confident he can catch bass on all 10 baits, let's find out if he can do it before the Pike and Walleye chew them to pieces!

The 10 baits Matt chose represent virtually every style of fishing you can do while bass fishing. From ultra finesse, to serious power, to topwater, its going to take a lot of adaption to get it done. He always prefers to start by power fishing and today is no different... He begins with Megabass's Dark Sleeper, a fun little swimbait that is easy to use. After the Sleeper produces Matt moves on to a Keitech, a squarebill, and right on down the list he moves.

It really doesn't get difficult until he arrives at the finesse baits. While that might seem counter intuitive, not knowing the lake makes it difficult to slow down and fish individual pieces of cover. It takes longer than expected but one by one the finesse fish fall, leaving only a topwater popper. Its midday, hot, and bluebird sky but the smallmouth of South Dakota did not dissapoint, ultimately giving Matt the 10th bass he was looking for.

We hope you enjoy the video! Below is a breakdown of the 10 baits (and applicable heads) that Matt used to complete his challenge.

1) Megabass Dark Sleeper (Shirauo color):

2) Keitech Fat Swing Impact 2.8 (Pro Blue Red Pearl):

Dirty Jigs Guppy Head 1/8 oz, 1/0 Hook:

3) River2Sea Biggie Squarebill (Rooster- Smalls Bumpin'):

4) Lucky Craft LV-500 (Phantom Chartreuse Shad):

Hook Upgrade- Gamakatsu EWG Size 4:

5) Keitech 4" Easy Shiner (Silver Flash Minnow):

Megabass Okashira Screwhead 1/8 oz:

6) Lucky Craft Flash Pointer 100 (American Shad):

7) Rapala Husky Jerk Jerkbait (Clown Color):

8) War Eagle Double Willow Spinnerbait 1/2 oz (Mouse color):

9) Dry Creek 3.5” Tournament Tube (Green Pumpkin):

Bite Me Flat Eye Tube Jig (1/8 oz):

10) Missile Baits Ned Bomb (Green Pumpkin Flash):

Z Man Ned Lockz HD Head:

11) Yellow Magic Popper 1/2 oz (Alewife):

Favorite All-Around Combo...

Rod- G Loomis GLX 843 MBR:

Reel- Chronarch MGL HG:

Line- 40 lb Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid:

Leader- 12 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Favorite Finesse Combo...

Rod- Expride 6'10" ML:

Reel- Stradic CI4+ 1000:

Line- 10 lb Power Pro Braid:

Leader- 7 lb Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon:

Budget-Friendly All Around Combo...

Rod- Shimano SLX 7' Medium Spinning:

Reel- Nasci 2500:

Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:

Oahe Web.jpg

The Largest Freshwater Lake In The World: How To Find Fish (And Catch Them)

We're on Lake Superior, home to more than 20 million surface acres of water! We're here to catch fish without any outside help. How do we find bass in such a vast environment? Where do we start looking? Come along for an amazing journey as we explore the largest freshwater lake in the world in search of Smallmouth bass.

The key to breaking down such a massive lake is to forget how big it really is. Start with a map of the entire lake, pretend the lake is only 500 acres, and pick your key spots. No matter how big a pond, lake, or ocean is, they all have the same key "spots". Once you've selected points or coves that look good, its time to zoom in. Its at this point that you begin to see how giant the lake really is. Take each key spot you identified and break it down into smaller and smaller key spots. Now its time to begin fishing! Remember that in a lake this big not every spot will be a home run, stick to your pattern until you find the fish you're searching for.

In today's video the guys fished for 3 days. They found fish each day and were able to dial in the pattern a little better at each stop. While they never found the "motherlode" of big bass spots, they found some awesome fishing and had a great time on a fishery neither angler will ever forget.

Interested in finding out more about Cobi? Visit his Instagram page here:

Below is a breakdown of the baits and equipment we used on this once in a lifetime mission to explore the smallmouth of Lake Superior.

The baits in order of appearance...

-Keitech Fat Swing Impact 4.3:

-Matt Allen Swimbait Head 3/8 oz:

-Megabass Okashira Screw Head 1/16 oz:

-Megabass Spark Shad:

-Megabass Vibration X Ultra:

-River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait:

-Keitech Fat Swing Impact 2.8 (Electric Shad):

-Dirty Jigs Guppy Head 1/8 oz:

-6th Sense Crush 50 Squarebill (Wild Shad):

-Megabass Vision 110 (GP Pro Blue):

Matt's Favorite Combo from the trip...

Rod- G Loomis Conquest 902S SJR:

Reel- Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500:

Line- Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon 5 lb:

Cobi's Favorite Combo from the trip...

Rod- Megabass Orochi XX WhipSnake:

Reel- Daiwa Tatula 4000:

Line- Power Pro Braid 10 lb:

Leader- Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon 7 lb:

lake suprior.jpg

Cross Country Fishing Trip (22 States) - Update!

We've been on the road for over a month and made it all the way to Alabama! If you've been following along you already know we've stopped at some amazing lakes and caught some beautiful fish! Truth is, we're just getting started and the best is yet to come. We're turning North and there are some huge Largemouth, Smallmouth, and some bonus species ahead!

Our goal for 2019 is to bring TacticalBassin to you. We vowed in January to get on the road and visit as many of you as possible. We haven't taken that goal lightly, fishing in 23 states and 2 countries thus far in 2019. Though we've now arrived home from our cross country trip there are many more videos coming. Keep an eye out for famous fisheries like Lake Chickamauga, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and more!

We also promised to give you the top 10 baits from this trip. Some of these lures are from videos you've already seen, others haven't made an appearance yet. In no particular order, these were the most influential baits of our 2019 cross country trip.

The Top Baits…

-Mattlures Gizzard Shad Swimbait:

-River2Sea Biggie Squarebill:

-Jackall Gantarel Swimbait:

-Jackall TN-70 Lipless Crankbait:

-Keitech Fat Swing Impact Swimbait:

-Azuma Z Boss 22 Crankbait:

-Strike King 6XD Crankbait:

-Megabass Okashira Screw Head:

-Roboworm Fat 4" Straight Tail Worm:

-River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait:

Fork Thumb.jpg

Summer Ledge Fishing - Crankbaits, Underspins, and Hair Jigs

Today we're on Pickwick Lake looking for Summer bass on offshore ledges and breaks. This time of year the bass stack up on the edges around current and can be caught on a variety of power fishing techniques. We found an aggressive school in 20-25 feet of water and had a great time figuring out which baits they would eat.

The fish we located today were in a giant school. They gathered in the confluence if two river arms and were feeding aggressively on shad and other baitfish that came down the current. We used a 3-part method to catch these fish. We started out with a deep crankbait to fire up the school then switched to a hair jig and a heavy underspin to keep the fish's interest once the initial flurry was over.

Ledge fishing is an awesome way to catch a bunch of bass in a hurry. Its also an amazing opportunity to catch BIG bass in the middle of Summer. If your local lake has current in the Summer, you have fish that back out to the outside structures, ledges, and breaks. This fishing style will work on your lake and you might be amazed how big of bass you can catch in the heat of the day.

Below is a breakdown of the baits and equipment we used to catch the fish in today's video. We also included a few color recommendations to make it easier for you to apply the techniques to your local lakes.

The baits...

-6th Sense Cloud 9 C20:

(Wild Shad, Platinum Citrus, Sexified Chartreuse Shad, Shad Fantasy)

-Strike King 6XD:

(Sexy Shad, Turtle Shad, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Sexy Blue Back Herring, Powder Blue)

-Picasso Hair Jig 1 oz:

(Bling Shad, White)

-Blade Runner 1 oz SpinTrix Underspin:

(Anchovy, Black Shad, Grey Shad, Pearl)

-Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact Swimbait:

(Pro Blue Red Pearl, Ghost Rainbow, Electric Shad, Gizzard Shad)

Upgraded Crankbait Hardware...

-Hooks- Gamakatsu EWG Size 2:

-Split Rings- Owner Hyperwire Size 4:

Crankbait Combo...

Rod- Zodias 7'6" MH Glass:

Reel- Curado 200K:

Line- 15 lb Sunline Assassin:

Jig Combo...

Rod- Expride 7'7" Heavy:

Reel- Curado 150 DC HG:

Line- 50 lb Power Pro Maxcuatro:

Leader- 20 lb Maxima Ultragreen:


-Humminbird Solix 15 G2:

-Map Card- Lakemaster Plus Digital:

Thumb 1.jpg