Insane Underwater Bass Fishing Video!

Ever wondered what it looks like when bass eat your lure? How about when a wolf pack begins fighting over your bait? Let's go underwater and find out! 

In this video we're using this jerkbait to trigger a huge wolfpack of schooling bass into a feeding frenzy! This is some of the most insane underwater bass footage ever captured with a GoPro! These fish get so aggressive that at times they bite over and over again. We had one bass that was nearly 7 pounds eat the jerkbait 4 different times before getting hooked! 

This isn't filmed in some private pond either, these are real bass filmed from a boat during the most insane bite ever! We were very lucky to have the equipment to go underwater and film these bass eating the jerkbait over and over. 

What were the bass eating? Here is the equipment used...

Lucky Craft Pointer 100 Jerkbait
Owner Hyperwire Split rings
Owner 3X Trebles
Abrazx 12 lb
-GoPro Hero4

Bass are very predatory and when they begin to school up the jerkbait is a great lure to catch them. The key is the combination of sound and sharp movement. This triggers the bass' predatory nature and they lash out violently, even when they aren't hungry. 

Be sure and try a jerkbait on your next fishing trip! They're great for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass and work throughout the year.