Best Baits For Fall Bass Fishing

Fall is fast approaching and with it comes the opportunity to catch big largemouth in the shallows. Instead of struggling to get bit on the outer ledges or deep in cover like you've done the last few months you can now target shallows flats, pockets, and breaks for schooling fish. 

In this video we cover the Top 5 Baits every angler should add to their Fall Fishing arsenal. If you struggle to catch bass in fall you're making one of two mistakes. Either you aren't fishing shallow enough or you aren't covering enough water to locate bait balls with schooling bass. The key to success is to keep moving until you locate the right size bass. Once found, each of these baits will help you capitalize on the school to catch as many bass as possible. 

Baits discussed in this video...

Photo Courtesy of Sean Moffett

Top 5 baits for the Fall Transition

The late fall to early winter is one of my favorite times to fish. This season is one of the few times I have the lake all to myself. Sure, there are other fisherman on the water but they aren’t fishing like I am. No matter where you are in the country, as winter approaches anglers begin to slow down their presentation. Whether that mean throwing a worm, flipping a jig, or spooning, just depends on where you live. Sure you could give in to the trend and fish like everyone else but why?

Why not break away from the pack, fish hard, fish for the active fish, and have whole sections of the lake to yourself? As the water cools most of the bass will slow down and become sluggish and the fisherman will follow suit. Maybe this is your year to break out of the mold and find the feeding fish in and around the shallows. Here are my top 5 baits for fishing that transition between fall and winter.

You’ll notice the only bait on the list that isn’t a pure reaction bait is the football jig. At certain times the active fish are completely keyed on crawdads and that is when the football comes in to play. The rest of the time however, I’ll be fishing shallow, fishing fast, and putting the remaining 4 baits to work for me. If you want to catch a big bass in the fall that hasn’t been pressured like all the smaller fish be the last guy to leave the shallows, the last one to set down the topwater rod, and never, ever set down that swimbait.

Are these the baits you like to throw in the fall/winter? Is a late-season reaction bite news to you? What are your go-to baits in the fall?  I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Super Spook Modifications

One of the keys to keeping Tacticalbassin relevant is feedback from you. Last week I received a request for a video on fishing the super spook. This video is a direct response to that request.
Super Spooks are a fun and exciting way to put quality fish in the boat through the warmer months. However, there are some modifications you can make to help the bait reach its full, fish catching potential.

Please, use the “Post Suggestions” tab at the top of the page so we can cover the topics that YOU are most interested in. We currently have a handful of great suggestions and will be covering those topics in the near future.