Swim Jig Modifications

As a follow up to our recent post Swim Jig Season, we decided to revisit how to modify a swim jig. While many jigs are effective right out of the package there are some simple changes you can make to the skirt and weedguard that will immediately increase your success rate.

Some swim jig/swimbait combinations (The California Swim Jig coupled with a Roboworm EZ Shad for example) have excellent action out of the package but other need the skirt to be thinned or shortened to gain the proper action. Follow the simple steps outlined in this video to get increased action out of any swim jig, especially when combining it with a swimbait trailer that has either wide action or low vibration.

The post spawn is the perfect time to lure bass out of the grass beds with the swim jig so put these tips to work right away and catch some of your biggest bass of the year!

How to Modify a Swim Jig

Saying that the big swim jig and switchblade jig have “caught on” would be a gross understatement. Almost overnight everyone seems to be throwing them. Of course, this brings up a whole new assortment of bait and technique related questions. One that has been coming up lately is how to modify the jigs to improve or change their action.
This video discusses what you can do to both the swim jig and the switchblade jig to get different actions.
The baits fish very well “as is” if you use the trailers I recommend but if you start using other trailers, brands, weights, etc… you will need to make these changes to keep your baits swimming properly.

I hope you find this video helpful and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Rigging the Switchblade Jig

The switchblade jig was received with great enthusiasm this past week. Thank you all for the feedback and stories of fishing similar rigs. However, across the board people had questions about how to attach the blade. Rather than try to explain it, we filmed it. Here is a quick tutorial on rigging your switchblade jig for action.

Another Swim Jig Option: The Switchblade

First off, thank you all for the great feedback on swimming heavy jigs for bass. I’ve already had readers send in photos of bass over 10 lbs from as far away as Florida! I’m so excited to see the technique working nation wide. I’ve had multiple people ask to see the jigs moving in the water so I finally took the time to video the jigs in action. You’ll be able to see what makes the roboworm EZ shad work so well on the back of that jig… its all in the action.

In this video we also decided to share the Switchblade with you. While this is something I’ve tossed around from time to time it was recently brought back to mind by my good friend Adam Hinkle. Adam is a stud from Southern California and puts a real dent in those San Diego bass.

The Switchblade jig is a modification to the swim jig that involves attaching a blade (my preference is a willow leaf) to the hook of the Dirty Jigs Swim Jig via a swivel. We get many of the same perks of the swim jig (realism, lifelike-movement, unique look and feel) but you also get extra vibration and flash which can make all the difference in murky water. Give the video a watch and let me know what you think.

I know I’m  not the only person to ever fish a switchblade but no one else seems to be willing to talk about it. I know one or two of you have been secretly hammering the fish with this technique. Let’s hear the stories!