Topwater Tricks For Early Fall

Do Red Hooks, Feathered Trebles, and different retrieves make a difference? Matt explores these tricks and more as he teaches how to catch more topwater bass this late Summer and early Fall. Do you want to catch bigger bass on top? This will make all the difference!

As Spring turns to Summer the bass become more wary of topwater lures. As Summer fades to Fall it can be downright tough to fool the bigger fish. Making these subtle changes will maximize your opportunities and in some cases, will actually get you more bites. 

Our favorite Topwater baits vary but here are some of our top picks for this time of year... 

Reaction Innovations Vixen:
River2Sea Rover:
Evergreen ShowerBlows:
River2Sea Whopper Plopper 110/130:
Dirty Jigs Canterbury Buzzbait:
Bully Wa 2 (Little Allen Color):
Yellow Magic Popper:
River2Sea Bubble Walker:
Megabass Dog X Diamante:

Hooks For Topwaters...
Round Bend- Gamakatsu 1X:
Round Bend- Owner ST-36:
Stronger Hook- Owner STX-38:
Red Treble- Owner ST-36:
Feathered Trebles:

Topwater Storage...
Plano 3700 Deep Box:
Treble Hook Covers:

All- Around Topwater Combo... 
Rod- Zodias 7'2" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Curado 200K 7:1 Ratio:
Line- 50 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

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