Tricks For Spring Topwater Fishing

The next 2 months are prime time to get the biggest topwater bite of your life! Spring is topwater time once you know how to adapt to the cooler conditions. This is the time of year where you get less bites but they're all BIG! 

Tim explains how to adapt your bait selection for early season topwater fishing. Some of your favorite baits will work well, while others will let you down. If you're willing to adapt, this is going to be a great Spring season! 

Our top picks for Spring...

Evergreen Showerblows:
(Blue Back Herring, Emerald Shiner, Natural Gill)

River2Sea Rover 128:
(Funky Tiger, Ghost Minnow, Sooner)

Yellow Magic Popper:
(Smoke Shad, Japanese Shad)

Lobina Rio Rico Popper:
(Albino, Risque, Tennessee Shad)

River2Sea Bubble Walker 80 and 128:
(Sooner, Abalone Shad, You Know It)

Whopper Plopper 130 and 110:
(Mullet, Monkey Butt, Phantom Shad, T1000)

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