Jig Trailers for Every Situation

This is a video about colors,  glitters, and actions, its not about brand preferences. If you've wondered what all these different trailers are for and whether or not you really need them, this is the video you've been waiting for.

As fishermen, especially jig fishermen, we all have very strong opinions of which jigs are best. At times we can't even agree on weight or color, let alone brand. The guy on the front deck will swear a 3/4 ounce is working best, the guy in the back can only get bit on 3/8 ounce. Ever been down this road? It happens to us all the time! Today we're putting that all behind us and focusing specifically on the jig trailers.

Gaining an understanding of why a grub works better than a chunk one day, but doesn't work near as well as a creature bait the next day will absolutely make you a better angler. The next time your jig bite disappears overnight we hope you'll have the knowledge to adapt and begin catching those fish again.

Our most common jig trailers are as follows:

Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver: This bait has very little action but provides a great "profile" in combination with the jig.

Net Bait Paca Chunk: This trailers has a great floundering action that is deadly in a variety of conditions, often getting bonus bites swimming back to the boat.

Yamamoto Double Tail Grub: Tried and true, this bait gets bit year round, even in ice cold water.

Strike King Rage Tail Chunk: This trailer has a TON of action and is great at drawing reaction strikes on a fast-falling jig.

Zoom Super Chunk: When rigged properly this bait actually has some action (little known fact). But its generally considered a "dead action" bait focused specifically on profile. For whatever reason, it catches a lot of fish!