Winter Worm Fishing: Shaky Heads Plus an All New Rig!

Shaky Heads are a great way to catch bass throughout the year but there is a new way to rig your soft plastics for Winter Bass Fishing! Check out this video for a dual approach to catching bass in cold water. 

The Free Swinging Wacky Rig is a new bass fishing technique that you probably haven't heard of. We combine either a Dirty Jigs or Freedom Tackle jighead where the head and the hook are loosely connected. Paired with a plastic worm you get incredible action that will catch the most pressured bass. 

When the bite is wide open stick to the shaky head but when the fishing gets tough or the water gets cold and you're wondering how to catch a bass, try this wacky rig method. 

The Gear Shown In This Video...

Tim's Favorite Rods...
G Loomis IMX 7'1" Medium:
Dobyns 743 Spinning:

Matt's Favorite Rod...
G Loomis NRX 852 JWR:

Price Point Rod...
Shimano Zodias 7' Medium Light:

Scott Canterbury Shaky Head:
Finesse Stand Up Head:
Owner Shaky Head:
Pivot Point Football:
Zodiac Wacky Head:

Zoom  Trick Worm:
Netbait T-Mac:
Roboworm 6" Fat Worm:
Yamamoto Cut Tail:
Zoom Magnum Trick Worm:
Hag's Tornado Bait:

Favorite Scale:
Favorite Camera:
Favorite Net: