Angler Sean Moffett Caught this MASSIVE Channel Catfish on 7/8/17. It is being submitted for the ALL-TACKLE WORLD RECORD for Length. It measures an amazing 83 centimeters (Inside Dimension) and will topple the existing record of 80 centimeters if all goes well with the IGFA Record Application. 

The Most amazing part about this giant catfish is that Sean was fishing for bass at the time of the record catch. He was using a light action spinning rod coupled Keitech Worm. He was only equipped with 10 lb line and the monster fish was in shallow grass. He was in for the battle of his life, lasting nearly 10 minutes! 

Whether you enjoy bass fishing, catfishing, or fishing for bluegill and crappie, a fish of this size is worth stopping and checking out. World record fish are always incredible. The biggest fish in the world of any species is special and this one is nothing short of amazing!

Gear Used For This Video...

Rod- Powell Max 3D 7' Medium Light:
Reel- Diawa RG Spinning: (Actual Diawa used is discontinued, this is its modern equivelant)
Line- Power Pro Braided 10 lb:
Leader- Maxima Ultragreen 10 lb:

Lure- Keitech Mad Wag 7" Worm:
Hook- 4/0 Gamakatsu Offset EWG: 
Weight- 3/8 oz Lead Bullet Weight:

ElectroSamson Scale:

Net Used: Dotline Seamless:

This video was shot exclusively with the GoPro Hero5 Camera:

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