World Record Spotted Bass | The Story You Never Heard

On January 12th, 2015 Tim Little caught the All-Tackle World Record Spotted Bass. But have you ever wondered what went in to catching that fish? Ever wanted to catch one yourself? Listen to the story of this amazing catch and get the information you need so you're prepared when its your turn to hold a world record bass. 

The day started like any other on Bullards Bar Reservoir but really, the story started long before. We have to go back in time to really understand what lead up to this amazing catch!

Make sure you're prepared for your catch with the items below:

Certifiable Scale:
Trophy Net:
Measuring Board:
Fluorocarbon Line:
IGFA World Record Packet:

We've been very blessed to catch these magnum spotted bass as well as to have the platform to share the experience with you. Thank you so much for listening and supporting Tacticalbassin!