You Need to Fish GIANT Swimbaits, Here's Why

Forget catching swimbait fish and forget trying to get a monster bite, there is a trick to GIANT swimbaits that you NEED to add to your arsenal! It doesn't matter if your lake only has 2 pounders, this tip will still work for you!

The key to swimbait fishing for bass with giant swimbaits is understanding big bass behavior. We aren't trying to catch bass on swimbaits with this method, we're just trying to attract them, playing on their natural curiosity. Once you've drawn them out of the cover you can easily approach them with traditional baits later in the day. 

Put this method to work the next time you're on a new lake and you'll be amazed how many giant bass you see. You don't need every swimbait made for bass, just buy one 12" swimbait and you'll get the results you're looking for.

Gear We Recommend...

Megabass MagDraft 10":
Gan Craft 303 Glide Bait:
12" Osprey Talon Swimbait:

Matt's Preferred Swimbait Setup for MONSTER Baits...

Rod- Dobyns 908:
Reel- Calcutta Conquest 300:
Line- 80 lb Braid:
Leader- 30 lb Mono: