Punching in Heavy Cover

I had the pleasure of spending a day on the water with Justin VonSpreckelsen. Justin, while not an amateur to bass fishing, confided that he was quite new to the technique known as “punching”. While some would see this as a negative, I saw a golden opportunity for some unbiased information! Justin isn’t a novice anymore. He endured tough conditions and put in a full day punching the tidal waters of California’s delta. When the day was coming to an end he sat down in front of the camera and explained his experience with the 3 most commonly used punching methods.

I hope you find this information useful! Personally, I have a huge bias to the punch jig. I love the hookup to land ratio and the lack of maintenance it requires throughout the day. However, that isn’t what this site is about. You just got an unbiased viewpoint from a man with a keen understanding of punching heavy vegetation.