Swimming a Jig For Big Bass

Tacticalbassin became a reality because of this one simple topic. The swim jig is one of my favorite techniques for putting big bass in the boat. Over the last few years I have been reading about how, when, and where to swim a jig. The final conclusion was that if anyone knew how to do it right they sure weren’t talking about it online! Kirk and I began discussing the idea of creating a website where TRUTH could be presented and you, the fisherman, could decide what to do with it. To that end, I present 8 minutes on how I believe a swim jig should be fished.

I know I am inviting criticism by taking such a bold stand about this topic but the fact is, I think I have a better way of swimming a jig than the majority of the bass fishing population. Its worked for me and those I fish with and has produced bags of fish that others only dream about. Do you have an opinion on this topic? I’d love to hear it!