Night Fishing is Ramping Up

When it comes to night fishing, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love it! Most people think of warm summer nights and a bright moon when they think of night fishing. I on the other hand think of the cooler months and windy, cold, rainy, and even snowy conditions! Nothing beats a wide open night bite in below-freezing conditions!
As my night fishing season approaches you will see more and more videos on how/when/where to night fish as well as the techniques that we use. To kick off the night fishing season Kirk and I headed out a few nights ago to throw some wakebaits at a few of our favorite haunts. The fishing wasn’t at its prime but we still landed a few fish. here is the first, on a Rago Rat.

I hope guys enjoyed the video! We’re working on ways to get better quality video at night. If you have ideas, drop us a line on the contact page.