Jig Trailers Made Easy

Have you ever met one of those people who is a legend in their own mind? My goal is to pass along information without coming across like one of those people. I know a thing or two about jig fishing but let’s face it, there is always someone better. With that said, here are my thoughts on jig trailers.
There are countless jig trailer manufactures in the bass fishing world. From the garage companies to the industry standards it seems that everyone has “the next big thing” in jig trailers. Do you want a trailer that wiggles its claws with the slightest movement? They have it. One that swims, they have that too. What about one that walks, talks and negotiates with the fish for you? Its probably in development as we speak.
The point is, your options are virtually endless. An angler could spend all day changing trailers and never actually have time to wet a line. As with most things, simplicity is your best option. I’m not saying the three trailers discussed in this video are the very best for your specific scenario, but they’re a really good start. If the day comes that you get in my boat and head out on the lake, these are the jig and trailer combinations that you will see me fish with.
Obviously there are a plethora of options not covered but day after day, year after year, these are my key baits. From ledge fishing a football head to working shallow cover with a flipping jig, you can do it all with these three options.

Give it a try. What can it hurt? You never know, your next cast might be the biggest bass of your life! At the least, simplifying your choices will save a dollar or two on your next trip to the tackle shop.

If you disagree with my selections, that’s okay. In fact, I’d love to hear about it. Did I completely ignore your confidence bait? Share with us what you like to use and why.