Swimbaits part 2: When to Fish

While you may be the exception to the rule, most anglers don’t get a single bite on their first outing with big baits. After surviving a day of drudgery (let’s face it, those first days are tough) a plethora of new questions have probably arisen. Most of those question revolve around doubt and fear that you’re doing it wrong.
Chief among the questions of doubt is whether you’re even fishing when the bass are biting. Let’s get this one out of the way as quickly as possible. First off, there is never a wrong time to throw a swimbait. That said, there are certain times when the odds of you being successful are much higher than other times.

My suggestion to you is to pay attention to the little details as you continue on your journey. Each fish you catch can be a memory soon forgotten or provide you with tidbits and clues that will lead to future success. The difference is simply whether or not you choose to pay attention.
I recommend you begin logging your significant catches. Don’t spend hours journaling but jotting a few lines about a successful (or brutally tough) day can provide insights down the road. You will begin to see patterns develop and soon you will see when the best times to fish your local fisheries really are.