Swimbaits Part 3: Where to Fish

By now you’ve made the decision to bring one rod on your next trip to the lake, you’ve chosen your bait and you know when to fish. The odds are beginning to lean in your favor of catching a bass on a swimbait. The next step is to focus in on where to throw the bait once you arrive. The lake is vast and the options are endless. There are points, humps, ridges, ledges, coves, inlets, outflows, foundations, trees, brush, and grass lines. What do you do?
Get a map out of your favorite lake. Remove all your mental blocks that currently determine where you should and should not fish. Look at the map with a new perspective and then watch this video.

Targeting trophy bass is really quite simple. Catching them can be another matter but knowing where they live is not that difficult. These bass are the masters of their domain. The choose the best spots with the easiest access to food and they typically roam very little. Once you have located the fish in your lake it will just be a matter of putting in the time to catch them.
I hope you’ve found this video helpful and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.